A Lesson in Real-Time Analytics

by Alex Blazer

A Lesson in Real-Time Analytics Waiting to Launch When the St. Louis Blues were minutes away from winning their 1st Stanley Cup, I was sitting alone in the Seed Logic office, repeatedly hitting refresh on my keyboard like I was RZA playing a drum machine. A client holds the exclusive ...

How to Exclude Kid’s Video Placements from YouTube Campaigns

by Alex Blazer

Can You Block Videos for Kids in a YouTube Ad Campaign? There is no single fix to insure your YouTube ads will only show to relevant users on relevant videos — but there are ways to mitigate your exposure.

How To Add User Information In Hidden Form Fields Using Cookies

by Blake Epstein

Forms are the most widely used method to acquire user information. Most companies use a very vanilla formula consisting of name, email and maybe something a bit more qualifying like company or interest to help create a profile and (hopefully) some sort of marketing segmentation. The ubiquity of this approach ...

When Marketing Won’t Save Your Company

by Blake Epstein

As a startup, you tend to work with other startups. Your clients are smaller, a little less business savvy and their products often fail to reach critical mass . As someone who has worked with a broad range of startups, a pattern began to emerge on why some have succeeded ...

How to Effectively Measure Offline Conversions with Facebook

by Blake Epstein

How to Use Facebook To Measure Offline Conversions

Why High CPC's can be good for a SEM campaign

by Dan Verhille

Why High CPC's can be good for a SEM campaign.

Google Ads SEM

Top Mistakes People Make When Starting A Shopify Store

by Blake Epstein

You're launching a store because you have an amazing product and you want the world know about it. Shopify makes things super simple to get started. Sign up for an account, choose a theme, adjust some basic styling, add your products and you're ready to go. But because it's so ...

How To Track Google Organic Traffic Using a Facebook Pixel Custom Event and Google Tag Manager

by Blake Epstein

Continuing from our post on How to Create and Use a Custom Facebook Event, let's walk through a real-life example.

How To Create and Use Custom Facebook Conversion Events using trackCustom

by Blake Epstein

The Facebook Pixel is the main tool you can use to track events on a website. You can then use data from the pixel with Marketing API to: Build custom audiences based on activity on your website Measure conversion activity and determine which ads lead to results such as purchases. ...

Conquering Creative Burnout

by Spencer Wichman

How To Deliver When You’re Feeling Drained Image by Nicolas Jehly on Unsplash Creativity can be a double-edged sword. The ability to create something out of nothing is a power, and with power comes responsibility! Even the brightest minds are limited, and as expansive as our imaginations may be we’ve ...