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Hillflint came to Seedlogic looking for an agency to provide digital strategy and manage all digital marketing spend profitably. After a comprehensive digital audit, it was identified that Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Product Ad campaigns were under-delivering and displaying incorrect product attributes. Hillfint was also in the process of migration for a legacy ecommerce platform on Shopify.


In Hillfllint's legacy ecommerce platform, each product contained inconsistent attributes. Due to high costs of development, this prevented Hillflint from editing the products inside the feed. This ultimately created a series of critical marketing issues and delivery errors.

These issues included:


Seedlogic decided to create a tool called Feedlogic – a feed generator solution for Shopify store owners.

Feedlogic is a free product catalog feed solution that allows users to easily edit products in a simple and intuitive way.

Key Benefits of Feedlogic

  1. Speed! With Feedlogic, any Shopify account can use Google Shopping, Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads or any other dynamic marketing channel that requires a feed. Instead of trying to alter site code on the hosting side, Feedlogic is a middleware app that uses Shopify’s native API to rapidly build a marketable product catalog feed for Facebook, Google, Criteo and other dynamic display channels.
  2. No Coding Required! Since Feedlogic does all the work seamlessly, no costly web development is required to generate or make alterations to the product catalog feed.
  3. Easy Updates! Without Feedlogic, most catalog feeds use the static product attributes listed on the website (title, description, image, etc…). With Feedlogic, anyone can apply “transformations” that improve product attributes to reach more customers and more accurately describe your product’s features.


Increased Product Match Rate on Facebook from 56% to 100%
Increased ROAS from DPA prospecting campaigns 125%
Increased Product Match Rate on Facebook from 78% to 100%

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